Writing down my tweets

Not sure why, but I have a habit of writing down things I want to tweet but I don’t end up tweeting them out. I never have this urge to let the world know my thoughts right at the instant that I am experiencing them. So instead, I write them down, hoping that maybe I will remember later on to let everybody know.

I thought it would be easier to have all these one-liners here instead of bombing my twitter followers with random thoughts all in one go. Here are 12 ideas/thoughts/quotes I have collected in the past month.

Tweet #1: Invisibility is a fate much worst than failure. (source: Medium)

Tweet #2: You are not your ideas. If you identify too closely to your ideas, you’ll take offense when they are challenged. (source: Creativity, Inc).

Tweet #3: Your brain literally begins to shut down when you feel your ideology is threatened. Scientifically proven. (source: You are now less dumb)

Tweet #4: Some situations simply call for foul language. (My thought on “How often do we truly express ourselves to others?)

Tweet #5: A paradox is the truth standing on its head to attract attention. (Oscar Wilde).

Tweet #6: Stop checking your phone. Give your full attention to the person in front of you. He/she deserves it. #annoyed #bye #etiquette #airplanemode

Tweet #7: Having your shit together is a respectable quality. Where is the professionalism? (tough day at work)

Tweet #8: No one person can have a global view of who you are. Someone who doesn’t really know you can’t make it personal. (Discussion with a friend on how we make quick judgements based on first impressions).

Tweet #9: You have to listen carefully, the unconscious mind is crafty. (Sigmund Freud).

Tweet #10: Everyone has a story that can blow your f-ing mind. No Exception. (Source: Medium. Linda Rubright).

Tweet #11: A wonderful flaw about human being is that we’re incapable of making perfect copies. So start copying your heros. (Source: Steal Like an Artist by Austin Kleon).

Tweet #12: Never let anyone photoshop a picture of you. It creates a false sense of self-confidence. (Source: Medium. Julien Smith).



Dating and deaf

Thank you. Even though my first (public) post was about something similar, this writer captures exactly what it’s like for me. I could not have expressed it better myself.

Inspiring or Discouraging?

I have been very much into the articles posted on the Medium these days. All the writers and contributors have a unique voice and have very interesting and inspiring perspectives and ideas to share. This is only one of the thousands of platforms out there that gathers these motivated and innovative like-minded individuals together as a community. There is so much greatness out there. These are inspiring artists, creators and leaders and having insights into how they work and think is definitely a privilege. All the articles that I have read have very powerful take-away messages in them. They are short lessons that are meant to help you change your way of thinking for the good, guide you to self improvement, inspire you to create and make your own art and motivate you to become an independent & analytical thinker – someone who has his/her own views.

But can too much inspiration be a bad thing? Can reading too many positive and success stories be a source that deters us from doing great ourselves because we feel that we don’t have the talents and skills to do the same?

It can be overwhelming to see so many people out there updating their blogs everyday with something that is moving and refreshing. Ideas and thought provoking questions that make you say to yourself ‘Damn, this guy is smart! I sure as hell would not have thought of that.” Doesn’t this defeats the point of these articles when after one reads them one feels they could never measure up to thousands of amazing writers and innovators out there? I am not saying everyone will feel this way, but I sure do sometimes.

So my question is:

What mindset do we need to be in in order to fully benefit from all these wonderful sources out there and not feel defeated?

I am still at a bit of a lost and still trying to find a good way to tackle the above questions. For now, what I have gathered is that you have be willing to see change as a good thing and be opened to the ideas presented to you. Try your best to choose wisely on what you take in as there is so much content out there. Don’t just blindly read and not have a stance because that’s just going to make you into a walking encyclopaedia without any viewpoints of your own. Even a simple “I am not too sure about that yet” is an opinion.

Accepting the fact that there are thousands of people out there who are smarter and better than you is also a good start. But on the flip side though, you should also know that there are thousands of people out there who are not being proactive at all when it comes to learning. It might not be because they don’t want to, but they don’t put learning as their priority, making excuses because they think they have no time for it – juggling with their jobs, their kids, their social life and everything else in between. Most people show up for work more than they show up for life.

The saying, “you learn something new everyday”, will only be true if you want it to be true and make it true.

I don’t believe anyone will learn something everyday if they are not curious at heart. I am not talking about reading a book a day kind of curious and knowledge seeking mindset. Just being mindful and observant of the daily things happening around you may lead to surprise findings. If you do this everyday, you will have a treasure box of little ideas that you can build on later to make them into a big one.

To create something and have your own opinion, you are essentially gathering bits and pieces of information all over, rearranging their orders and changing a word here and there and hopefully an end product will result which you can call your own. I think that’s what make creating and learning interesting. You never know where you are going to end up and when you are going to get there.