I’ll Follow You Into The Dark

Is not quite the same situation, but this song is still on loop at the moment. Is very soothing. Miss you much, Gran.




On Being: ‘The Pleasure and Magic of Shared Silence‘.

Give it a read. This piece totally resonates with me. It is such a beautiful thing when you can be in comfortable silence with another human being. There is no awkwardness and you don’t feel the need to break the silence. It seems like most people have the idea that we have to constantly be sharing and talking to people around us. But why? What’s wrong with not talking? It is a hard thing to find that person who you can share hours of quietness and stillness with. But when you do find these people, treasure them, as they are hard to come by.

Don’t Get Stuck in Your Own Plans

My cousin from Vancouver recently came back for a visit and we had some great conversations over the holidays. Even though we don’t touch base all the time, she is one of my favourite person to talk to. We can always pick up from where we left off the last time, whether it has been a month ago or a year ago. Of the countless things that we talked about, one topic that stuck with me the most and I had to take out my notebook and pen right then and there to write down my thoughts was the idea of “Plans”.

“What are your plans?”

We tend to ask this question a lot in our daily lives. We want to know what people will be up to and vice versa. I used to be someone who gets consumed with planning things. But after a few experiences in the past couple of years, I have learned that plans don’t get carried out 99% of the time. Yet, I still end up asking my cousin this question to which she replied “I don’t have a plan. I don’t plan things any more.” Just hearing those phrases made me felt liberated.

Like me, she has been a planner before but life experiences and decisions have made her see the importance of not having concrete plans. People tend to box themselves in their plans and end up being stuck in them. To many people, plans are something that must be followed through and if they aren’t, they have failed in some way. This view on plans is extremely rigid and can be quite taxing when life itself is filled with unpredictability and chaos. Plans work well in perfect scenarios, just like those economic laws would function in a perfect economy/market. But as we all know, there is no certainty in life.

Think about the series of events that led up to the different moments in your life. Did everything go according to plan? How many times did you have to improvise and go with the flow of your circumstances? When you are too focused on your plans, you lose out on living in the moment and being present. You forget to enjoy the process of actually doing and creating things because plans fixate you on the end results. On the other hand, if you think in terms of purpose, you will encounter and experience much more possibilities. You see, a plan is a definite route for you to accomplish something. A purpose is a plan with no set route and the route can be adjusted to circumstances. In this sense, you have to be aware and mindful of the present because the now will shape your journey and the outcome of your purpose.

Living in the moment makes you a grateful person and in turn a happy person.

“[We are happy when] something valuable is given to us freely … Every moment in our life is valuable and is a gift to us. We haven’t earned it, but is given to us freely. You never know if there will be a next moment. No one knows the future. … That’s the wonderful richness of life. We always get another opportunity even when we fail.” ~ Brother David Steindl-Rast, Ted Talk.

Stay Present. Stay Grateful.