W.A.I.T. (Friday Favourites #3)

Accidental Creative Podcast: Making Work Matter

Great interview with Scott Mautz by Todd Henry. I love Todd Henry’s interviewing style. He can packed so much insightful and good information in a 20 min podcast. When he asks questions, he gets to the core of the subject and pull out the essence of what the interviewee has to offer. In this interview, he and Scott Mautz talked about what motivates people at work and how a great leader can create meaning in the work environment to get people more engaged.

One thing that really stood out for me was how people don’t listen. Many people try to be interesting, but in fact, you should be interested – interested in what the person in front of you is saying. Don’t try to be the most interesting person in the room because you will be ignoring everyone else. If you want to be the leader, let other people speak their minds. Don’t be the centre of attention.

Before you speak, W.A.I.T.


W – Why
A – Am
I – I
T – Talking

And once you know, ask beautiful questions. Because if is worth listening to, is worth to question and understand it.


The above is at the top of my list this week and definitely worth a proper post.
Here are a few other interesting things happening:-

– I am nervous and excited at the same time as I will be teaching my first ever cooking workshop tomorrow.

– What I am reading: Skirt Steak: Women Chefs on Standing the Heat and Staying in the Kitchen by Charlotte Druckman.

Charlotte Druckman is a journalist and a food writer. What is different about this book from all the other ‘behind the hot lines of the kitchens’ is that it takes on the perspectives of 70 best and brightest women cooking today (well, in the US of A today only). These are female chefs trying to be true to themselves, hone their crafts and skills, being in the heat of things while dealing with the pressures and expectations in a male-dominated realm.

I have only just started but is not too bad so far. Though I am not a big fan of all the footnotes she used in the book. If is a 5-6 sentences long, then it deserves to be in the original paragraph. Is a little distracting to be going back and forth between the main body and the footnotes.


Craft. Create. Commit. + Friday Favourites #2

Love it for the craft and you will have commitment (A short post by Seth Godin on commitment vs. technique). Everybody can learn to do something well, but you’ve gotta be willing to give certain things up to commit. Being passionate about what you do drives commitment and makes you stick to your craft. It takes time. It takes a lot of time.

The one main factor holding most people back to commit is fear – fear of failure, fear of choice, fear of losing comfortability. It takes so much effort to get motivated and jump out there to create. We all have a set of limiting beliefs based on our past experiences. The voices that keep us from getting off the couch. But you have to push through all the bullshits and fear to get stuff done. Is all mental. So change your thoughts and you will change your world.

Just some thoughts on working towards what you love to do. I am definitely still working on it;  is a never-ending process.

Here is my Friday Favourite list for this week.

Friday Favourites #2:

1. Joe Rogan Experience (Podcast): Ep 183 with Jason Silva
– The show has 600+ episodes so this episode is 3 years old but the things they talked about are still very relevant for today.  They touched on so many topics: the human mind, psychedelics, transcendence, how we are changing because of technology, how we think, embracing destructions, awes in life. Is almost 3 hours long, but there is just something about them that gets you hook. I have marked down so many episodes to listen to.

2. The Nature and Nurture of Genius: The Sweet Illustrated Story of How Henri Matisse’s Childhood Shaped His Creative Legacy (@BrainPickings)
– This post by Maria Popova is on the book “The Iridescence of Birds: A Book About Henri Matisse” by Patricia MacLachlan, illustrated by Hadley Hooper. Is a children’s book that tells the heartening story of young Henri and how the idea of “attentive presence rather than praise is the key to great parenting, especially when it comes to nurturing young talent.”

3. Trying to take a proper profile picture. Random capture at the Amphitheatre in LKF, Central by @jonathanjk. He didn’t like any of the photos he took of me that day so I am not allowed to use them. But I thought they were great. Is not him, is me. I really don’t like being in photos, so I was super stiff. Ha.

Random Capture

Friday Favourites #1

Introducing Friday Favourites, a (hopefully) weekly post about things that I’ve came across throughout the week that I deemed fit to be on my ‘love & adore list’. It can be anything from a snapshots I took with Instagram to books and articles that I have read to random and out there conversations that I have had with people.

To start, what else to post but something that’s related to my passion and hobby? Trust me, THIS is definitely Friday Favourites worthy.

1. Article / Video: The Secrets of Food Porn Photos, The New York Times. Food photography is no laughing matter. How do you make something sexy and desirable through a lens? When done well, a beautiful image heightens all your senses and makes you want to feel it, taste it and cook it.

2. I love to write things down in notebooks. A thoughtful gift from my sweet and loving mother. (Please click on photo and read what it says on the cover.)



3. To all the TRX lovers, gym rats and fitness peeps, check this out! This is awesome and replaces your expensive TRX training in the gym. Let’s hit the swings!

Hope you all have a great Friday and a lovely weekend! xx.

Start Putting Pen to Paper

I have now set aside my lunch time to read and work on the concept for one of my projects. Is quite amazing the things that you can come up with in just 45 undistributed minutes. When I work on creative things, I like writing in my project notebook – with (ugly) sketches, writing out paragraphs in my messy hand writing with tons of cross-outs. I like looking back at them as they show me my thought process. You can’t have that on a word document as you can delete things right away (Well I guess you can if you use track changes). Everything is too clean and you believe that you are doing a good job. But in fact, your first draft (and many there after) should never be so pristine looking.


Your pages should be filled with scribbles, red marks, arrows directing one sentence to the next page. It will be messy. Is suppose to be. But this is real work in real time.