Keep Stirring

She slowly stirs the
simmering stew as it
relaxes her soul.
#joyofcooking #calmingeffect #mindofacook

Mixed Mushroom & Black Truffle Risotto

This slow and steady stirring that is required of a perfect and creamy risotto is very soothing to me. Even though I was making this while teaching my cooking classes, I still felt a sense of calmness in the midst of the chaotic fun …

… And #haiku083 came to me right after class. 

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Sudden Cravings

I had a sudden cravings for scones a couple days ago. Warm, buttery and moist scones, fresh out of the oven and nothing like those Starbucks stoney scones. Hong Kong is not a place for you to find really awesome baked goods. I don’t quite know what it is but all the muffins, scones and cakes here just don’t have the soft spongy texture and wholesome taste as those I have tried in North America and Europe.

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Some thoughts on Haiku writing …

After all this time, I have finally realised that I am no blogger. I admire those who can upkeep their blogs regularly with awesome and interesting content. I apologise for the infrequent posts of this blog.

I am glad to say that I am still keeping up with my 100 Day Project of haiku writing. It is #078 today! Can you believe it? After seventy eight days of writing, I do believe I have improved a bit but I also found out that I tend to go back to very similar themes. Is hard to train your brain to write in the fictional world – the make believe. It is quite powerful that your mind can create an entirely different world of your choosing, but it is also a very scary thing.

The question of “What are you going to write about today?” is rather daunting for me. I was taught in school that I should write about things that I know. So even to this day, I draw from what I have seen, what I have heard and what I have experienced to write my daily haiku. But that didn’t get me very far. There were days where I tried to write 3 lines about a murderous thought. But I have never killed anyone before. Bugs, plenty times, but a person, not in this life time. Thank goodness I still have some imagination within me.

“If not for the heart and imagination, the world of fiction would be a pretty seedy place.” ~ Stephen King

And I think this applies to all sorts of writing not just fiction. Haiku and other forms of poetry being one of them.

Here are a few of my attempts to write a more fictional-based haikus. (Please be kind. Don’t laugh).

The door left ajar,
Every night, for a lost soul
she yearns badly for
#stray #darkness #longing

Here I was trying to evoke a sense of lost and lust. I imagined a woman, laying in bed, in the dark, waiting for someone who she knew would never return to her. What kind of images popped up in your head after reading this?

Eyes covered by their 
Stoney hands, weeping, waiting.
Look at them, don’t blink. 
#theweepingangels #sallysparrow #blinkandyouaredead #doctorwho #thetenthdoctor

Okay, I cheated a bit here. I used my favourite Doctor Who’s episode, Blink, for this haiku. But seriously, those bloody angels are creepy!

In the haze of night
he sprung out from fertile ground
beaming innocence.
#mystical #blankslate #motherearth #birth

My thoughts here are mainly based on nature’s purity with a twist of fantasy thrown in. What kind of creature did you see birthing from the ground?

That’s my little update. Speak soon … hopefully very soon.