Deceptively Simple and Simply Wonderful

Making a quick and simple dinner after work does not mean it has to be boring. There are so many sauces and spices you can make use of to turn something mundane into something wonderfully delicious. This is one such recipe, using regular ground minced pork, but giving it that wow factor with spicy Korean chili paste, Gochujang.  Definitely easy and stress-free cooking for a weeknight dinner after work. I usually just grab the ingredients en route back home from a supermarket as you can find everything there – is a one-stop, no-brainer thing (which is what you need after a long day at work plus a glass of wine or two).  I also realized, while I was writing this recipe that this dish is one of those healthy, yet packed full of flavour kind of dish. Double win.

For entertaining/dinner parties: Set up a DIY station where guests can build there own lettuce wraps. But with this idea, make sure you also prepare a few different topper options, such as mung bean sprouts, pickled daikon, carrots and/or cucumber, crunchy seaweed, sesame seeds, etc.


korean minced pork wrap

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