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Homemade Linguine with Sage Butter, Manchego and Shaved White Truffles                             by Moving Concepts



I love visiting bookstores (surprise, surprise). And one of my favourite store to visit whenever I go back to Vancouver is Barbara-jo’s Books To Cooks on West 2nd Avenue. As the name of the store suggests, the place is filled with a wide range of cook books, chefs’ memoirs, biographies as well as travelling books on gastronomical cities such as Paris,  Tuscany and much more. Barbara-jo’s hosts dinner gatherings at her shop, inviting renowned chefs from all over the world to come and cook for food and book lovers. I think this is such a great concept! A night where we can be surrounded by great books, exceptional food and wines and lovely conversations.

She sends out a weekly email with recipes contributed by various home cooks. But today I got a pleasant surprise in my inbox with a mouth-watering poem by Barbara-jo that I just have to share.

Emotional Truffle

I am
A fruity fungus
& Loud.
I am white, Italian, Tartufu of Alba
Come to me in Autumn
all over
Pasta-Risotto-Seafood & the Vegetable Roots.
EGGS find me weak with desire.
Leave me,
As Winter sets in.
Travel to Perigod, where my French, Black cousin – Truffe – waits for you.
Red meat-Game birds-Creamy Leeks.
EGGS are the love of my life.
I promise,
To leave you wanting-
Passionate for more-
of my earthy morsel.
~ Barbara-jo, Owner of Barbara-jo’s Books to Cooks, Vancouver, Canada.

The Pantry Pasta

There are days when I get these inexplicable urges to cook something simple and satisfying for myself. This usually happens when I haven’t looked after myself ‘properly’, meaning I have been too busy to have any real alone time in the kitchen and cook something for myself.

Happy to say that I am one of those who always try to keep my pantry well-stocked with dried goods in case of any emergency food cravings. Here are a few things that I feel are essential to have in your pantry AT ALL TIMES:

– good quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil

– a few vinegars that you like for salads (ex. Red/white wine vinegar, balsamic, etc)

– Dijon mustard

– any type of dried chilli flakes

– dried pasta and rice

– jars of anchovies, olives, capers and gherkins

– garlic, shallots, onions and lemons (these can be left at room temperature)

Sometimes a girl just needs to have a “carb-kind-of-day” … to have something of substance and starchy. My go-to has always been a comforting pasta dish. Rummaging through my fridge and pantry, I’ll usually find all of the above; and if I am lucky, I’ll have a  pack of frozen prawns stashed in the freezer.

Here’s the my “Pantry Pasta” recipe.


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