Stir Fried Clams with Tomato and Basil

We Chinese love our stir fries. They are super quick 15 minute meals that you can whip up any day of the week. I admit I don’t have a well-stocked Chinese ingredients pantry. I do however have a pretty solid cupboard filled with spices and sauces for any western dishes. So I’ve got to make do with what I have.

Clams are perfect for stir fries as they cook in no time and you get a dish with wonderful flavours packed full of briny goodness. The only Asian ingredient you’ll need for this recipe is soy sauce, which adds another layer of flavour savouriness to the dish. Serve with some rice or bread to mop up the tomatoey sauce and I think that’s a pretty great meal for a Tuesday night. Continue reading


Valentine’s Sweet Treat – Dark Chocolate Ganache & Raspberry Tart

Valentine’s Day is approaching. I can feel the love in the air with all the pink and red decorations everywhere. This is the day to celebrate love. And though many people associate this to romantic love, I feel it should be all encompassing. Your love for your family and friends are just as important and that deep affection should also be recognized.

It is always a delightful and warming gesture to make something for those you cared about. And on this occasion, a sweet, smooth and decadent dark chocolate tart seems to fit the bill.

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3 Tips to Making the Best Cookies

Cookies are one of my favourite things to bake. You just need a few basic ingredients and you can pretty much create any flavor cookies you like. But there are times when my cookies didn’t turn out the way I want them to. All the cookie’s disasters, whether it be burning them to turning six cookies into one big massive cookie because they all got stuck together when baked, I’ve encountered them before.

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But after a bit of tweaking and learning as I baked, here are a few tips for you on how you can improve your next batch of cookies.

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Cooking with Kimchi

Seoul, Korea is a great place to go for a short girls’ trip. I recently went with my cousins and we had such an amazing time. Aside from the crazy shopping of clothes and Korean skincare and cosmetics, we treated our stomachs very well with out-of-this-world Korean food! From the very local joints to the more ‘east meets west’ restaurants, Seoul has it all. One thing that we couldn’t get away from (and why would you want to get away from it) is their delicious fermented side dish, kimchi. Kimchi is the dish that is served in all restaurants whether you want it or not. This side dish is part of Koreans’ every meal and some restaurants even offer unlimited servings of them.

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