We are always very critical of our own self. Striving for excellence and having standards are great. They keep you wanting to improve and learn more. However, there are times where you just have to be okay with the ‘good enoughs’ in your life. Not everything will turn out the way you want them to and nothing is perfect. The good enoughs get you by, but sometimes they are the little wins  that make your days a little brighter, a little happier.

Our family, close friends and partner probably have a better idea on our positive attributes than we do. You might think that sending a random text to a friend just to say hello or baking cookies for your partner are just things that you do because you want to and you happen to have the time. These are gestures that you probably don’t consider as anything much but to the receivers, they know that you truly care and because you took the time, you gave them that warm fuzzy feeling on a what could have been just an ordinary day.

There is beauty in us that we cannot see in our own self. Even if you look into the mirror and see your own reflection, what is being reflected is someone who is somewhat skewed. Let other people who truly know you be your mirrors, and you in turn be theirs.

How may I be your mirror? Will you be my mirror?