Cooking with Kimchi

Seoul, Korea is a great place to go for a short girls’ trip. I recently went with my cousins and we had such an amazing time. Aside from the crazy shopping of clothes and Korean skincare and cosmetics, we treated our stomachs very well with out-of-this-world Korean food! From the very local joints to the more ‘east meets west’ restaurants, Seoul has it all. One thing that we couldn’t get away from (and why would you want to get away from it) is their delicious fermented side dish, kimchi. Kimchi is the dish that is served in all restaurants whether you want it or not. This side dish is part of Koreans’ every meal and some restaurants even offer unlimited servings of them.

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Edible Travels – Barcelona

I was in Spain for a business trip last week and thought I would share this with you. I love to write postcards to my friends while travelling as I know people these days still get super excited when they receive snail mail in the post. At least I do. Though is a small gesture, but at the point in time, while someone was travelling, he/she was thinking about you, enough to share their experiences with you in words, on a postcard. That to me is quite special. It is a piece of memory of your friend’s that you could now tact up onto your fridge and stay with you forever.

edible travels - bcn2

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