Get Your Rice Right: The Difference Between Paella Rice and Risotto Rice

For a long time, risotto has been the go-to fancy western rice dish for homes and restaurants here in Hong Kong. But with the expanding food trends, we have seen Spanish cuisine gaining popularity in the dining scene of Hong Kong and the Spanish Seafood Paella has now taken its stage, side by side with the Italian’s risottos.

“Paella rice” and “Risotto rice” are both a category of rice. They are both short grain rice, as opposed to the long grain rice that we are used to in Asian cuisines.

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So what is the difference between these 2 types of rice?

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Top 5 Asian Seafood Dishes To Make At Home

Seafood is a great choice for quick and easy meals. Fish, prawns, clams, squids and all these delicious choices are tasty, healthy and wonderful options for those busy weeknights where you just need to get dinner on the table for yourself or your family. The simplest of seasoning such as olive oil, sea salt, black pepper and the occasional dried chili flakes are more than enough to bring out the sweet tastes of delicate seafood. And whether it is sautéing, grilling or baking in the oven, the cooking time for seafood dishes are always less than 30 minutes.

Top 5 Picks - August 2017

As I always tend to go the western route when it comes to cooking, here are my top 5 Asian seafood dishes that I think are perfect for simple weeknight dinners but good enough to make for dinner parties. Continue reading

5 Steps to a Perfect Pan Sauce

A lot of people ask me how to make a good sauce to go with their steaks, pork chops and chicken. A simple piece of seared steak can be turned into an amazing dish with just a simple and flavourful pan sauce. Who wouldn’t say yes to a piece of perfectly cooked meat that is topped with a smooth and glossy sauce?

Pan Sauce


To many people, a pan sauce is fancy and that you could only get in a restaurant. The truth is, pan sauce is incredibly simple to make and it takes no time. The bulk of the flavour comes from the frying pan that you used to cook your meats. The bits of brown and fat that remain in the pan after you cooked the meat are the essence for your sauce. So never wash your pan if you want to make a great pan sauce. These are the flavour bits, which you can easily combine into a sauce by adding liquids to the pan, usually a combination of wine and broth.

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Best Way to Extend the Life of Your Fresh Herbs

Fresh herbs are very important in my cooking. They bring such a bright yet delicate flavour to my dishes. I would always go for fresh instead of dried herbs as there is just no comparison.
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However, unless you grow your own and cut out what you need, the fresh herbs you buy in stores usually come in quite a big bunch. You store them in the fridge and they will most likely be wilted or turned brown the next day. Here is a quick guide to how to store your fresh herbs so that they retain their freshness longer.

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